SYSWELD is the leading tool for the simulation of heat treatment, welding and welding assembly processes, taking into account all aspects of material behavior, design and process.

SYSWELD is a powerful tool that guides engineers to find out the optimum process parameters with respect to distortions, residual stresses and plastic strains.

SYSWELD enables the coupled modeling of complex physical phenomena such as electromagnetism, heat transfer, diffusion and precipitations of chemical elements, phase transformations and mechanics

SYSWELD guides engineers to:

Evaluate residual distortions

• Assembling a structure requires sequential continuous and/or spot welding joints. Therefore, defining the welding sequence and the places where the parts will be welded is crucial for the correct completion of the welding assembly process. Simulation allows prediction and minimization of distortions which generate an increase of the overall product quality as well as drastic cost saving.

Minimize residual stresses

• Simulating the welding process aims to control the process in a way that minimizes the stress gradient and tensile surface stresses. As a result, lifetime of a part increases as fewer cracks appear after load cycles. Compressive stresses can also be detected on the surface of the component, therefore improving part quality and avoiding corrosion risks due to tensile stresses.

Study the sensitivity of geometry, material and process parameters.

• Used in the design phases, SYSWELD decreases costly design errors. At each step of the development cycle, the cost of corrections gradually increases. SYSWELD helps to optimize part geometry, materials and process parameters during the early stages of a new design cycle avoiding expensive engineering changes that could occur later.

Optimize the welding process

• SYSWELD allows user-defined weld sequencing and control of the weld manufacturing parameters such as velocity, energy input and many others
SYSWELD features a comprehensive material database that covers the major steels and aluminum alloys in the market.

SYSWELD simulates all major Welding processes
• Continuous welding
• Laser,
• MIG,
• Electron-beam
• Etc.
• Resistance and Spot welding
SYSWELD simulates all major heat treatment processes
SYSWELD computes and optimizes all basic steps of the heat treatment process:
• Austenitization for surface hardening
• Austenitization for through hardening
• Quenching, austempering, martempering and tempering
SYSWELD simulates the following processes:
• Surface hardening
• Induction
• Laser
• Electron beam
• …
• Through hardening
• Direct
• Austempering
• Martempering • …
• Thermo-chemical heat treatment
• Carburizing
• Nitriding
• Carbonitriding • …
• Tempering