Consulting in Injection Molding

• Development of Manufacturing Process Injection Molding

» Cold runners
» Hot runners
» Gas Assisted Injection Molding
» Distortion Prevention
• Diagnostic and Implementation of Best Practices for Injection Molding Shops
• Market Research

• Supplier Development

» Studies for supplier selection by technological capabilities
» Studies for supplier selection by production capabilities
» Training of suppliers on manufacturing technology

Injection Molding Training

•Injection Molding Fundamentals
• Mold Design – Cold Runner
• Mold Design – Hot Runner
• Mold Maintenance for Injection Molding
• Mold Design – Cascade Filling
• Cadmould Rapid
• Cadmould Fill
• Camould Warp

• Mold Design – Blow Molding -Thermoforming

Engineering Services

• Product Design for Injection Molding
• Mold Design for Cold and Hot Runner, Blow Molding
• Process Simulation of injection molding
• Process Redesign to Improve Material Yield
• Process Redesign to Manufacture Defect Free Products
• Mold Design – Blow Molding -Thermoforming

Injection Molding Software

• Cadmould-F Rapid
Cadmould Fill
Cadmould Pack

• Cadmould Rubber

Cadmould Warp

Cadmould Cool

Cadmould Fiber

• $imcalc

Objectives for Injection Molding Simulation

•Better Filling Patterns
• No more critical welding lines
• Parts without trapped air
• Better equipment selection based on reliable data

» Pressure distribution
» Clamping Force
» Cooling Time
» Filling Time
• Fast Product Development
• Minimum corrections to tryout molds
• Balanced runners
• Prediction and compensation of product distortion