PAM-STAMP 2G is a dedicated solution for sheet metal forming, with the appropriate tools adapted to the context of your project. It covers the entire tooling process including quotation and die design with formability and try-out validation, springback prediction and correction.

It provides solutions-oriented tools for automotive, aerospace, and general stamping processes.

PAM-STAMP allows users to make decisions online, bringing together the design engineer, the material provider, the die designer and the try-out press shop from an early stage of the design right through to production. This web-enabled technology allows images, annotation, text and 3D, models to be shared, thus supporting a truly collaborative engineering environment.

ESI’s Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Suite covers all your needs linked to the simulation of different metal forming processes. PAM-STAMP 2G simulates not only the full stamping chain, but also processes such as:

• Hotforming
• Stretch forming
• Superplastic forming
• Rubber pad forming
• Tube forming
• Rollhemming
•Progressive die