Casting Consulting

•Develpment of casting processes

    » Sand casting
» Casting in permanent mould
» Die casting
» Investment casting
• Diagnostic and implementation of best practices
• Market studies
• Supplier development
» Selection studies by technological capacity
» Selection studies by production capacity
» Training of suppliers on manufacturing technology

Casting Training

•Casting – fundamentals and applications
• Development of gating and risering systems for sand casting
• Development of gating and risering systems for permanent mold casting
• Development of gating systems for die casting
• Design parameters for casting
• Mold design for die casting

Engineering Services

•Mold and pattern design for casting
• Simulation of casting processes
• Redesign of casting processes to improve tool life
• Redesign of casting processes to improve yield of castings
• Redesign of casting process to eliminate or reduce defects in casting products

Software for Casting Simulation


Objectives of Casting Simulation

• Reduction of cost and lead time
• Assurance of mold filling
• Prediction and prevention of defects
• Prediction of temperatures, material flow and tool wear
• Prediction of microstructure and product properties
• Reduction and elimination of trial and error procedures.